Hydraulic Tools

At Bain Enterprises, we sell a complete line of water and electric utility hydraulic tools from Stanley Infrastructure, designed for outstanding performance and durability. Whether you’re repairing a water main break or setting hardware on electric utility poles, we have the hydraulic tools to meet your needs.

Explore our featured products below. Contact us for a complete list of available tools and to schedule a free demonstration with a product specialist.


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We offer handheld breakers, ideal for concrete and asphalt breaking, as well as ground rod, stake and anchor driving. Ranging from 40 lb. light-weight duty to 90 lb. heavy-duty, our hand-held breakers provide an unparalleled impact force.

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Chipping Hammers

Our chipping hammers provide the power you need when modifying a manhole cover or utility vault. Available in multiple models and sizes, for light- to medium-duty chipping.

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Cutting & Trimming

Tree limbs and branches are common obstructions for right-of-way crews and electric utility workers. Easily trim, prune or remove tree branches with powerful hydraulic chainsaws, pole saws, circle saws and pruners.

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Pullers & Pounders

Easily dig in a variety of soil conditions, from heavy clay to light shale, with a compact digging spade. Pair your digger with a ground rod driver to powerfully drive copper bonded and galvanized ground rods.

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Hydrant Savers

Safely perform fire hydrant maintenance work with a Stanley hydrant saver system. These kits allow you to remove seized hydrant seats in minutes, so you can service hydrants obstructed by walls, fences and buildings, rather than replacing them.

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Impact Drills & Wrenches

An impact drill features two powerful products in one — an impact wrench and a wood drill. This high-torque wrench can be used of tightening and loosening nuts and driving lag bolts in hard-treated wood and utility poles without torque reaction to the operator.

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Power Units

Keep your tools working uninterrupted all day long in all types of weather conditions. Stanley power units are dependable workhorses in the industry, delivering the ideal flow and pressure to Type 1 and Type 2 hydraulic tools. We offer a single circuit as well as a dual circuit system to allow two tools to be operated at once.

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For soil compaction around utility poles, signs and fence posts, our pole tampers make it simple. Designed with few moving parts and a closed hydraulic system, these quality tampers last for years.

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Trash Pumps & Sump Pumps

Hydraulic trash pumps and submersible pumps offer power and reliability. With up to 800 GPM of output flow, Stanley trash pumps move high volumes of water, sand slurries, gravel, mud, and solids up to 4 inches in diameter, while the Stanley sump pumps discharge up to 500 gallons per minute.