Pipe Cutters & Concrete Saws

At Bain Enterprises, we carry the leading brands of professional-grade pipe saws and concrete saws including Wachs Utility Products and ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment. Designed for operator safety, reliability and performance, our cutting tools allow you to easily cut through any utility pipe, whether it’s concrete, steel or iron.

Explore our pipe saws, power cutters and other featured products below. Contact us for a complete list of our cutting products and to request a free demonstration.


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Pipe Saws

Safely cold cut steel, ductile and cast iron pipe with a Wachs Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saw. Designed to protect the operator and prevent any uncontrolled movement, these diamond wire saws do not bind like traditional pipe saws when cutting pipelines with compressive loads.

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Power Cutters

Cut with ease through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe, ductile iron, cast iron and natural stone with an ICS power cutter.

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Pipe Cutting Chains

Our PowerGrit® Cutting Chains from ICS Diamond Tools provide better operator control with improved safety. Whether your cutting iron or plastic pipe, these chains provide more access with less excavation.

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Diamond Chains

Diamond chains are the strongest and most durable chains on the market. Available for hydraulic, pneumatic and gas-powered saws, we offer multiple chain configurations to meet your toughest concrete challenge.

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Diamond Wire Tooling

Keep your pipe saws cutting smoothly with DW diamond wire tooling. We offer replacement and spare diamond wires for the Wachs Utility Products Guillotine Series pipe saw.