Valve Exercising Program Tools & Transport Systems

Easily maintain your water valve exercising program with trailers, skid systems and equipment from Bain Enterprises.

Designed for operator safety and ease-of-use, our industry-leading valve maintenance systems help you prevent waterline breaks and keep your municipality’s water infrastructure operating at peak efficiency, while also complying with Ohio EPA requirements.

At Bain Enterprises, we offer a variety of valve maintenance trailers, valve maintenance skid systems and mounted valve exercisers from Wachs Utility Products. Our product specialists will help you determine the best system for your valve exercising program needs and budget. Funds may be available through the Bureau of Workers Compensation or the EPA.


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Valve Maintenance Trailers

Known for their durability and versatility in the field, valve maintenance trailers are self-contained systems, equipped with the valve maintenance exercisers and vacuum tools you need to locate and map valve systems, clean out valve boxes and vaults, and operate all water valves to ensure proper functionality.

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Valve Maintenance Skid Systems

Easily mounted onto your flatbed vehicle or service truck, our valve maintenance skid systems include the tools you need to locate, access and operate valves, record data and scheduled repairs for a successful valve exercising program.

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Mounted Valve Exercisers

The ERV-750™ and TM-7™ valve exercisers are easily mounted to any utility vehicle. The automated extended reach allows for safe, hands-free valve operation from your vehicle when parked on the road, rather than driving onto grass.

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Portable Valve Systems

We carry a variety of portable valve systems to fit your maintenance needs. Our handheld valve exercisers from Wachs Utility Products are ideal of exercising handwheel and rising stem valves. We also offer the Hydrant Buddy from HydroVerge, which provides an easy and safe solution for hydrant flushing.